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A Bit About Me




2022 - Now

I started my career in Technology Consulting at Accenture after graduating with a BS in Computer and Information Technology from Purdue University. I spent three years at Accenture working on multi-million dollar data and technology implementation projects for 5G telecommunications, utilities, global retail, and insurance clients.

At Accenture, I had the opportunity to work as a UX Designer on a large Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant project, that would serve millions of customers. This project led me to discover my passion for Experience Design and I decided to pursue a master’s degree in UX Design at Maryland Institute College of Art.

After starting my Master’s program, I was offered a position at Slalom Consulting as an Experience Design Consultant. I continued my work in AI and conversation design as well as large public sector projects.

I graduated with my Master’s in UX Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art. I was promoted to Senior UX Design Consultant at Slalom, and began leading teams of designers on highly innovative experience projects.

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Beach Town

A bit more


I write articles on Medium about Design, AI, and other technology. I also take creative writing classes to work on storytelling- something I am passionate about. 

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Travel has been a big part of my life since early childhood. I've lived on three continents and visited over 40 countries. I believe travel helps designers truly understand the world. 


ASA-certified and ready to sail! Find me on the water in New England in the summer and in Key West in the winter. 

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